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Hacked Website Cleanup / Restoration

Prevention is better than cure, but what if your website has already fallen to the hackers?

Hacked Website Repair

Prevention is better than cure, but what if your website has already fallen to the hackers? You need damage control. If your website is built on Joomla, WordPress or Magento, we can clean your hacked website and help with the following problems:


Website Blacklisted by Google


Website Flagged for Malware


Hack Repair


Blacklist Monitoring


Your Website Has Been Disabled


Malware Removal


Brand Reputation

Once your website is back up and running and malware free, we can get started on preventing on further attacks in the future.

Get Your Website Fit and Healthy Going Forward

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Why Choose MKE Web Designs?

No BS! Just a Flat Rate

Simple one-time price no matter how much time it takes. No monthly or yearly commitments. No quotes necessary. No bait and switch. No BS!

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident we can get your site suspension lifted that we will refund your purchase if we can’t. We work with hosts every day.

Immediate Response

We know suspensions don’t have a 9-5, nor do we. You need to be up and running ASAP. We’re ready to start any time of the day or night, 24×7.

Safe and Secure

Cleaning is initiated through our SSL encrypted portal where infected files are backed up, then cleaned with purely malicious files quarantined.

We Know Code

Being developers who are also security experts, we have the experience, skills and intimate knowledge of getting the job done right.

US Based Company

Our US based company’s founder is a former US Department of Defense contractor. We would be honored to earn your trust. Give us a call today.

Our Client Testimonials

steve jennings

I am completely satisfied with MKE Web Designs done for you service. They steadily demonstrate a stellar level of professionalism right from the start. Everything is made very clear and they surely understand modern SEO. A lot more traffic is coming to my clients websites.

Steve Jennings
Celina arnold

I’m shocked at what MKE Web Designs services has done for my clients, and I’m excited to see what the team will do for in the near future. The service took about a week or two to warm up and now were going at full steam. I am already reaping the benefits of this service.

Celina Arnold